Thursdays at Readers Poetry Series: Julie Rogers and Adrian Arias

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Photo Credit: Chuck Koton

This Thursday, August 4th, we are excited to have  Julie Rogers and Adrian Arias read!

Julie Rogers began reading her poetry in San Francisco cafes in the late 1970’s. She has published six chapbooks, and a Buddhist end-of-life manual titled, ‘Instructions for the Transitional State’ (Vimala, 2007), around which she founded a non-profit program last year, ‘TLC Transitional Life Care’. Her recent books are a full-length selected, ‘House of the Unexpected’ (Wild Ocean Press, 2012) and Street Warp (Omerta Publications 2013). She has read her work on public radio, television, and at many venues in the northwest. Her poems have appeared in various magazines, literary journals and anthologies such as Beatitude – Golden Anniversary 1959 – 2009, Poetry Flash, Sparring with Beatnik Poets, Big Scream, The Cafe Review, Abalone Moon, the Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal, and others. Last year, she and her husband, SF Beat Poet David Meltzer, put out a CD, ‘Two-Tone Poetry & Jazz‘, with saxophonist Zan Stewart. “Few poems are written as close to the heart — no extra words just soul meanings…” Michael McClure, beat poet, novelist, artist. Visit the website at

just to look past this face
at anything else

the calendar is full
of other names

the page empty
with thoughts

gazing across a ravine
sky is everywhere

fear shoots through
a falling star

i cannot find myself
in the light

as i watch
a map unfolds

directions depend
on how they are given

where is someone
who knows them?

lost, a word
i am

here is the body
i live in

where is mind?

-Julie Rogers

Author: thereadersreview